Beautiful things made of wool and made for eternity

Our Story

A journalist and an event manager explore new horizons. Their search for a new life leads them away from the metropolitan city of Berlin to the windswept Faroe Islands where in the middle of the North Atlantic - somewhere between Iceland, Norway and Scotland - they buy a house overlooking the sea in a tiny village, and thus make the Faroe Islands to their second home. Commuting between Germany and the Faroe Islands.


On the remote archipelago they experience solitude, beauty, village community, storms, flickering northern lights, impenetrable banks of fog and summer nights where it doesn’t get dark. Nature sets the pace of life for its residents: approximately 52,000 people and 70,000 sheep. The sheep’s wonderful lanolin-containing thick wool is generated every year when the Faroe Island sheep are driven down from the mountains into the gates by people and dogs, and they are slowly sheared with hand shears. Most of the wool is discarded as is done in many places around the world, since the natural resource wool is no longer worth anything on the world market. The event manager believes that this must not happen and one summer he starts a small project with a few bags of raw wool he had collected during shearing. Subsequent to overcoming several hurdles and obstacles this project resulted in woven wool cloth and the brand Skattakista was born, the Faroe word for treasure chest. Bags, clothing and other items made of wool from Faroe sheep.


In Germany, the event manager and the journalist, who supports her husband in his ventures, have now moved to North Friesland. They left behind Berlin, the crowds, the city hustle and bustle, and the hamster wheel. A village, vastness, green pastures, friendly people, a slow and human pace, two seas and – as is the case on the Faroe Islands – sheep. The event manager is presently developing a second brand from their wool: Friesian Tweed. From the wool of dyke and salt marsh sheep.


He combines both brands – Skattakista and Frisian Tweed – under the label Nordic Wool Factory. The company’s showroom is located in Klintum which is on the mainland not far from the North Sea and on route to the island of Sylt. The heart of Skattakista and Friesian Tweed. The heart of our wool enterprises, aspirations and values. 

Unser Wollprofi Kermit erklärt alles zum Thema natürliche Ressourcen und Nachhaltigkeit.