Our philosophy

Schafschur mit der Schere

Nowadays we are all challenged to live sustainably and in harmony with nature whenever possible. Gone are the times when expansion and exploration ruled and one discovered and conquered new worlds and where resources were considered to be inexhaustible. We believe: it must be possible for economy, ecology and social justice to exist side by side without endangering the living conditions of future generations on this our one and only Planet Earth. We firmly oppose a throwaway mentality. Instead, in cooperation with German companies, we create durable, timelessly beautiful products handcrafted in small batches and we focus on quality without compromise. We personally know all of our partners involved in the production of our goods and constantly exchange ideas with all of our producers and suppliers.


Our products are developed with love, have a sophisticated functionality and are constant companions while telling our unique history. Clear shapes and refined details are as important to us as durably processed high quality materials and animal welfare. When shearing sheep on the Faroe Islands we take our time and work with traditional hand shears. This takes hours, days. No sheep shall be put under unnecessary stress or even get injured.

Kissen und Strickwolle

With the sale of our Skattakista products we not only help to retain the processing chain we have created for our farmers on the Islands, but we also directly support their work. All proceeds are shared with this community, the hard core of which includes six farmers who are all our friends. We named six of our products after them and together we walk down the path of change. Until not so long ago the wool of the Faroe Island sheep was disposed of and burnt since the process was too tedious, the wool was difficult to process, and it was nowadays no longer in demand on the world market. With our work we return value to a natural and renewable resource. We exclusively use the natural colours of the Faroese sheep’s wool. None of the wool is dyed afterwards. 


Our sheepskins are naturally tanned in Germany. For our knitting yarn Faroese raw wool is ecologically hand-washed, combed, and subsequently processed to yarn in an anthroposophically influenced community of disabled people.  We only sell knitting yarn from sheep that belongs to us or to our village friends. Yes, in the meantime we also have our own sheep and we are proud of it. Another material we like and often work with is Icelandic fish skin. This is generated when processing fish, is therefore not discarded but mineral tanned into long-lasting and durable fish leather.

Elduvík aus der Ferne

It is our objective to preserve and perpetuate the good - for us and generations to come. On the Faroe Islands and Germany. For our new brand Frisian Tweed we devote our increased attention to the wool obtained from the North Frisian salt marsh sheep. We find it to be equally important to also support farmers of our new North Frisian home.