Islands of comfort, the version with a beautiful caressing hemline made of Indian wild silk. Our blankets may be taken everywhere. To a picnic under a knotty willow with fresh bread, homemade pies and colourful plates on a woolly grey-brown blanket, surrounded by snowdrops, daffodils, crocuses and a colourful wild silk accent. Another favourite place: an armchair. Imagine a rainy day and yourself sitting in the soft glow of a reading lamp with a thrilling book wrapped up in our blanket. 


Or imagine this: the calendar shows December, your feet are up and covered up in front of a crackling fireplace, in your hands a mug of mulled wine and cookies, the smell of cinnamon, wind howling and snowflakes dancing outside your window. Or a summer night‘s dream on a blanket: you are lying barefoot on a night-green meadow, beneath you our blanket, comforting warmth on your back, and far above you twinkling stars in the firmament.


If you like you may also take our blanket to an open air concert, to a tree house or weekend cottage.

Or you can put it on the bed. If you have pets you will soon find out that you will have to share the blanket. Dogs and cats love the natural cosiness and at the same time pleasant firmness of our blankets. Spread it out, wrap yourself up in it, lie on top of it, sit on it, snuggle up in it, stroke the wool cloth and wild silk and just be comfortable. 



Pure Faroese sheep’s wool, extra soft and fluffy cloth

Medium heavy quality, 653 g/sqm

Hem made from 100 % pure Indian wild silk, 200 g/linear meter



150 x 200 cm 


Available in different colours.


Our fine and pleasantly soft wool cloth made from Faroese sheep’s wool is produced in an over 300 year old weaving mill in Bavaria. The beautiful brown-grey colouring is obtained by mixing different natural shades. The processing from wool cloth to a blanket is carried out in a small workshop in Saxony which has the respective sewing machines required for the edging made of pure Ashoka silk.


Wolldecke Johanna

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