Our blankets. Islands of comfort. Go everywhere with you. To the picnic, which takes place under a gnarled willow, with fresh bread, homemade pâté and colorful plates on a woolly ground, surrounded by snowdrops, daffodils and crocuses. Another favorite place: in the armchair. A rainy day, you in the yellowish glow of a reading lamp, wrapped in our blanket, with an exciting book. 


Or like this. The calendar says December, feet up and tucking yourself up in front of the crackling fireplace, with a mug of mulled wine in your hands, and cookies, cinnamon scent, while outside the window a wind howls and snowflakes dance. Or a midsummer night's dream with a blanket. You lie barefoot on a night-green meadow, our blanket under you, comforting warmth at your back, and far up in the firmament the stars twinkle.


Marna can also be your travel companion. Take our blanket along, to the tree house or weekend house. To the bed. Or to the horse stable. If you have pets, you will soon realize that you have to share the blanket anyway. Dogs and cats love the natural, flattering and at the same time pleasantly firm feel of our blankets. 


Unfold the blanket, wrap yourself up, put it under, sit on it, snuggle up, stroke the woolen fabric and silk, feel good. 



Pure Faroese sheep's wool, soft woven cloth, 653 gr./sqm.

Hem in dark navy worsted - chic, simple and sustainable



150 x 180 cm 


We have our fine, pleasant to the touch woolen cloth made from Faroese sheep wool in a more than 300 years old weaving mill in Bavaria. The beautiful colors are pure natural tones. The processing from the woolen cloth to the blanket is done in a small handicraft business in Saxony.


Wolldecke Marna

179,00 €

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