Why complicated when it can be so easy – never have cold fingers again. Brown-grey mittens made from colour-mixed Faroese sheep’s wool, surprisingly light weight and warm and a true all-rounder as well. 


Feather light and unlined brown-grey mittens made from our woven Faroese sheep’s wool cloth. Craftsmanship quality. Manually cut and sewn in Germany. Our mittens are unbelievably effective, warm and offer lots of room for initially cold fingers, which will be cuddly warm in these mittens in no time at all. It’s not possible to imagine our fall and winter without them. They are also suitable for hard work in harsh and rugged nature. In the meantime, these simple gloves even have a permanent place in our bathroom. Based on the special wool texture they are also excellently suitable for a gentle dry massage.  To find the right size please refer to our size chart.



100 % Faroese sheep’s wool for comfort

Medium heavy quality, 680 g/sqm

Craftsmanship. Cut by hand and sewn in Saxony


Handschuhe Sigert

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