Taken from the sea. Our beautiful as well as sustainable key ring with a loop made of striking fish leather. It is made of ecologically tanned fish skin – in this case salmon fish skin. A touch of ocean and adventure on a hook – pardon me, on a key ring.


To sustainably use a by-product from food production, which is carelessly thrown away in many places, and not let it go to waste. We are doing just that! This is why our key ring loop is made of salmon leather from Iceland combined with a sturdy silver coloured snap ring. The key ring is produced for us in a small workshop in Germany. The colour of the odourless fish leather varies from dark dusky rose to dark salmon. In order for the haptic and visually interesting fish skin structure to not just decorate the outside but also the inside of each loop we double up on the ecologically tanned fish leather and expertly glue it together by hand. This provides the loops with additional rigidity. Key rings as we love them.



Ecologically tanned salmon leather from Iceland

The ring is made of Zamak, an alloy consisting mainly of zinc mixed with small amounts of aluminum, magnesium and copper. Adding these elements provides the zinc with stability and resilience.



Loop 15 x 100 mm, ring 25 mm


Schlüsselanhänger Anfinn

19,00 €

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