Our pillows. Each one a piece of handiwork, each one an eye-catcher, each one unique. What happens when our exceptional Faroese sheepskins and our woven wool cloth meet up with finest furrier workmanship.


The front of each pillow is made from a selected piece of sheepskin, the back is made of our thick quality woven cloth consisting of mixed colour brown-grey Faroese wool. We rely on age-old craftsmanship in order to realize our pillow idea and at the same time guarantee highest quality workmanship, filling, and seams. We work together with a German furrier who not only expertly sews the skins but also highlights their beauty, colour and “long-maned” structure. 


White, brown, reddish brown, black, grey, patterned, mixed colours. The finished pillows are true gems to be caressed, put on beds and sofas, placed in elegant offices, in hotel lobbies, as well as in all kinds of retreats.

No two skins are alike. Provide us with the desired colour or spotted pattern for your pillow and we will mail you a picture with a selection of three or four skins. You may then decide which one you like best. 



100% Faroese sheep’s wool

Lambskin from Elduvik

We use seaweed from the Baltic See for the filling



400 x 500 mm


Our master furrier has his workshop in Hamburg and has been working in this trade since 1978. 

Kissen Frida

299,00 €

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  • Ships within 1-3 days