A shawl, a throw-over collar, a scarf - like from the “Game of Thrones” set. A „stormborn“ Skattakista vision, implemented by a German furrier. Catwalk, here we come! Unisex. 


Two of our favourite materials have been accurately cut and processed for our scarf, which is worn over the neck and shoulders. White and black naturally tanned Faroese sheepskins and a thick quality of our brown-grey wool cloth woven from Faroese sheep’s wool. The beautiful brown-grey is obtained when mixing various natural colours. Our extraordinary and voluminous scarf is perfectly suited for jeans and shirt, a pantsuit, is worn over a coat, or is part of an evening gown. It may be worn by either women or men. The outside of the scarf captivates with its unique long-maned structure of the Faroese sheepskins. The inside sets a chic contrast and caresses neck and shoulders. 100% furrier workmanship. Our prognosis: soon to be seen in London, Paris and New York. 



Sheepskin from Elduvik

100 % Faroese sheep’s wool 680 g/sqm



Schal Halbjørg

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