Sheepskin Elduvík

Faroese sheepskin, white, brown, black, grey, cream and caramel, mixed colours, spotted, long-maned, thick and warm, unique. Faroe Islands – the Islands we have chosen as our second home.


The Faroe Islands are often also referred to as the Sheep Islands since there are more sheep than people. They are probably the warmest sheepskins worldwide since the robust sheep of the Faroe Islands live in the wild rough nature all year long. Therefore, their fur coat has a tremendous amount of lanolin and is very tight. What could be more beautiful than lying in the green grass or sitting in front of a fireplace on one of our sheepskins? The skins we offer are exclusively from our own sheep and the sheep of our Faroe Island farmer friends. The skins are naturally tanned in Germany. Long-haired, thick, soft and left in their natural state. Most of the time our sheepskins are used by people to sit on but in the meantime you can also find them on a horseback or in dog baskets.


The sizes differ and no two skins are alike. On an average our skins are approximately 100 cm long and 80 cm wide. Please state your desired colour or spotted pattern for your sheepskin and we will mail you a picture with a selection of three or four skins. You may then decide which one you like best

Schaffell Elduvík

120,00 €