Our all-rounder. Perfect for storing, sorting and organizing everyday items. A beautiful, intricate and lovingly crafted utensil bag produced in a small workshop in Germany. 


For the main material of the case we selected a pretty, brown-grey, soft to the touch and at the same time sturdy quality of our wool cloth which is produced from Faroese wool in a traditional weaving mill in Germany. Small sheep leather details. High quality zipper. Our utensil bag Malvinus loves writing utensils, notepads, game pieces, spectacles, rubber bands, pocket calendars, marbles and all kinds of odds and ends. Over and above that it is also ideally suited as a toiletry bag and medicine pouch. It also fits well in larger bags where it provides a proper storage place for mobile phones, keys, wallet, or cosmetics.



100 % pure Faroese sheep’s wool

Lamb’s leather from Elduvik sheep



220 x 140 x 40 mm 


Our fine wool cloth made from Faroese wool is produced in an over 300 year old weaving mill in Bavaria. We purchase the high quality zippers from a traditional company in Thuringia. They produce these zippers for us on location.  

Etui Malvinus

49,00 €

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