A measuring cup full of Game of Thrones, a goblet Viking warrior, three dashes of catwalk, studio and couture, and all of that from Skattakista. The absolute gem - our ladies vest. Made of 100 percent natural raw materials. Take ecologically tanned Faroese Skattakista sheep skins, a nice quality of our Faroese sheep’s wool cloth, our own ecologically tanned leather for the fastening loop, an exquisite horn clasp and excellent workmanship. Created by a master of his trade. 


Designed with love for detail while surrounded by indescribably wild nature, with a pencil in hand and the everlasting roaring North Atlantic in your ear. The initial idea was subsequently expanded on in Germany and with skilful elegant lines and cuts fashioned into a ladies vest by a master furrier. Our vests. Each one is unique and its production process is closely monitored by us from beginning to end. Our elegant ladies vest is highly versatile. The lady slips on her high heels and wears the vest casually with her evening gown or together with the little black dress, as a fashionable exclamation mark if worn with a ladies dinner jacket or pantsuit, as a country-style eye-catcher, or together with boots, shirt and skinny jeans. 

By the way, our vest is not only just furry but it can also be worn inside out. For this purpose the meticulously crafted interior (our beautiful cloth made of Faroese sheep’s wool) is simply turned outward. The wonderful brown-grey colouring of the woven cloth is obtained by mixing various natural wool shades. Nothing about this vest is artificial. Even the colouration of the wind-blown and long-maned furs is 100 percent natural. The skins of the Faroese sheep feature all sorts of stunningly rich natural colours – creamy white, black, grey, brown, reddish brown, two-tone, spotted and brindled. Our vest is extremely comfortable. It is not too light and not too heavy. It has even been ordered by men. Ladies or men – in the end it doesn’t matter to us or the vest who wears it. The only thing our vest wants is to be loved. As a favourite piece of clothing for a woman/man to indulge in or as a special gift for a special person. 



100 % Faroese sheep’s wool

Sheepskin from Elduvik 

Horn clasp


The vest is only available in one size.


Our fine wool cloth made of Faroese wool is produced in an over 300 year old weaving mill in Bavaria.


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